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SkyDronEx is a aerial works company based in the application of new technologies for the production of photographs and videos of great use to public and private entities.

To carry out our activities we have a UAV (drone) which is an electrically powered flying machine. Incorporates advanced technology that allows stabilized and fly by itself using GPS, on which sensors (cameras or video, thermal imagers, laser, multispectral cameras, etc.) are mounted, and video transmitter that can take data from the sending air and land operator in real time.

The competitive advantage of the system is its ease and simplicity of use so that any potential customer, can hire the services of SkyDronEx in production and imaging or videos or rent the device itself, as the system can be operated in automatic mode and semi-automatic mode, in addition to reducing costs for the customer.

Member of AERPAS (Spanish Association RPAS) and authorized by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) with check license 4912/RG 5044