MOTIVA Training and Labor Integration Program

SKYDRONEX has been collaborating with the MOTIVA Program since the beginning of 2016.


The MOTIVA Training and Labor Integration Program is aimed at young people aged 16 to 18, at risk of social exclusion, with deficiencies in the attitudinal and aptitude skills necessary to face society and the labor market.

The recruitment of participants is done through godmothers and godfathers, agents of the Centers and Entities in the area, being selected by a commission made up of people from the Avanzando Community Participation Association, according to the established profile.

Each edition of MOTIVA lasts six months, with ten participating girls and boys and an insertion itinerary made up of three phases. In the first phase, training and training is offered to acquire the personal and social skills necessary to access the world of work. In the second, a three-month internship work scholarship is offered. The last phase offers the possibility for participants to stay in touch with the Program to receive guidance and support for their job search.

More information about the MOTIVA Program