One of the most important novelties of the European regulations on drones is that almost all aircraft that fly in Open Category (classes C1, C2 and C3) or under declaration of Specific Category (classes C5 and C6) must have an Identification System installed. Remote. System (DRI) that allows knowing the operator’s number. This system is called “Direct Remote Identification” (DRI).

The operation of the DRI is very simple, our hardware emits our flight telemetry and our operator code using WIFI (NaN and Beacon) and Bluetooth (BLE and 5 long range).

In our case we have opted for the Dronetag solution, Beacon model, a 16 gram device with a transmission capacity of 3 kilometers.

We can anchor this model to our UAV using the velcro it comes with, although I honestly don’t trust it to be able to withstand many flights, I suppose it will have to be changed over time.

At the moment we have managed to insert our operator code, quite an odyssey, the 16 characters of the operator code are needed plus the 3 secret characters that we must locate on the AESA website so that the checksum of all the characters validates the operator code.

With the help of our faithful observer we did a small test run. Until we go to Portugal this afternoon we will not be able to test it in flight.